Вы знаете, что мы организуем турниры Пражская Бочка уже более 30 лет? И за это время в наших турнирах приняли участие более 300 команд! Будьте одними из участников и зарегистрируйте Вашу команду!


Swamp Pistons (Russia) – football

We want to say big thank you to the whole organizing team for the weekend, which gave us an opportunity to get together – different amateur teams playing together, drinking beer together and enjoy the atmosphere. Your enormous experiences from organizing the ice hockey/bowling/football tournaments were shown and everything went smoothly thanks to that. Big thanks also to our hostess Irina, you were wonderful and cared about us – fresh beer, fruits and water everytime, also finding us the best places for lunches and dinners, you have known every detail about the program and you have shown us the beauties of the city. Thank you for being there with you!

Vivaster team (Russia) – football

От имени команды Вивастер и её капитана выражаем Вам огромную благодарность за потрясающий турнир и отличную организацию!!!
Спасибо Вам большое за все! И Юле!

Cazadores (Chile/Sweden) – football

Thanks for all!
We had so much fun and enjoyed every single moment in Prague, we meet really nice people and the energy in the tournament was great.We miss Prague’s Barrel so much and we are already planning to get back as soon as possible.
Finally I wanna tell you the opinion of a friend who played football for second time in his life at Prague’s barrel:»I had never been so interested in playing football, but I gotta say that this tournament is just perfect.»
Gracias amigos!

WAP UTD (Sweden) – football

We were so happy that we could be a part of your wonderful tournament. We thought everything was great planned, the amount of games and activities together were perfect.

Sørum Finest (Norway) – football

Me and my team had a great time with just good memories. I am impressed of how professionally you are performing these events. We will of course be back for another round of this excellent tournament.

HC 34 Košice (Slovakia) – ice hockey

We have been to more different tournaments during latest 10 years, each time we are going to different place, and to be honest I have to say and I have agreed with boys, that this one was the best. Everything about organisation, beer, food etc. was great, the ice arena is nice. The only thing was, that we can’t leave the things over night in the locker room, we had to put them in the dryer room, but that was minor thing. We have been also to the biggest amateur tournament in Europe and still yours is better. Surprise was our own Barrel tram going to the final ceremony, that was great.

Telford Spartans (UK) – ice hockey

Just wanted to say what a great time we all had with you guys. That much so we are coming back next year together with the Dutch team of course!

Wolfhunters (Netherlands) – ice hockey

Thanks for taking care of us and having us! We all still walk around with a huge smile on our face! Our hostess Vanessa was great, she was a gem to us!

Draci Dolní Kubín (Slovakia)

We are going to different ice hockey tournaments for over 20 years, but this one was amazing, organisation was great and all the fun we had. Thank you!

Diana, IDM Team (Romania) – bowling

If I should describe the tournament in one word…it is AMAZING. I’ve spent some wonderful days with nice persons, full of great bowling and joy.

Sebbi, SG Stern Mannheim (Germany) – bowling

This tournament goes trough borders, it doesn‘t matter where you‘re from! Focus is to have fun together!! Thank you for having us.

Zornitsa and Marina (Bulgaria) – bowling

Thanks Thanks Thanks to Prague’s Barrel organising team for an amazing days. Thank you so much! You all made us feel so welcome. Thanks to introducing me in my first Prague‘s Barrel Bowling Tournament! You were amazing guys!

One more time Thank you for perfect organization team : Barbara, Iva, Sofie, Martin, Barbora 🤩🥳You were great🏆Special thank’s for Steffen for music, dance and atmosphere during the all tournament 😜
Already miss you all and hope to see you next year🍀