Markéta: Prague’s Barrel helps me to turn my mind off things

Markéta is one of our loyal hostesses. She is with us from 2016 and she is present on almost all the tournaments during the year. Teams love her and they are definitely coming back also to see her! What does the tournament look like from the hostess perspective?

How was your first time at the tournament?

My first tournament was in summer 2016 and it was a football tournament. I speak a little bit French so I got a team from Switzerland. It turned out they spoke Italian and after a couple of beers I did too. (laughter) We became friends and they came back a couple of times after that.

What did you think about the tournament?

I like meeting new people, new nationalities, drinking beer and having fun, so it was perfect.

What do you like the most about Prague’s Barrel?

I keep coming back for the tournament because it is fun. I have a regular job and this helps me turn my mind off things and just enjoy good company, drink a few beers, improve my language skills and put my dancing shoes on for 3 nights in a row.

How long do you think you can keep working on Prague’s Barrel?

I will stick with the tournament at least as long as my teams keep coming back.

Did you meet good friends there?

Yes, I met one of my closest friends during the tournament among the hostesses. Even if one of us will not be participating we will still keep in touch. I also made good friends among the teams. Some of them I went to visit. Even as far as Canada.

Do you have any funny memories?

Funny stories… I think I still hold a record of losing a player during night out to the most further distance. He met a girl and went with her to Slovakia (laughter) and came back to Prague the same day.